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Application Process & Requirements

We’re excited you’ve chosen the profession of pharmacy and are interested in applying to the University of Minnesota’s PharmD program. Learn more details about the application process and each step to apply below.

The Basics
  • Rolling Admissions

    Applications for Fall 2016 admission will be accepted August 2015 - March 2016.  Keep track of important dates on the PharmCAS website.

    Rolling admissions means your application will be reviewed as soon as you submit a complete PharmCAS and supplemental application. We accept and review complete applications on a continual basis, submit it early to receive priority in selection as interview spaces and seats in the class become limited closer to the PharmCAS deadline on February 1, 2016 and the supplemental application deadline on March 1, 2016.  It is strongly recommended to e-submit your PharmCAS application by mid-January as PharmCAS processing time can take up to six weeks.

    In addition to all required parts of a complete application (including PCAT scores), to be an eligible applicant you need to fulfill at least one of these three minimum academic requirements: 

    → 3.0 overall PharmCAS GPA
    → 3.2 GPA in most recent 60 semester credits
    → 70% composite PCAT

  • Two Campuses, One Application

    Applicants submit one application for the University of Minnesota PharmD program, and make their campus selection after Interview Day. Learn more about each campus and visit Duluth or the Twin Cities at Preview Day.

  • How Your Application is Reviewed

    Once you have submitted a complete application, your application is reviewed within about three weeks according to the first seven selection criteria. If invited for an interview, the Admissions Committee will then review your full application with interview report and make a decision according to all eight of the selection criteria. The Admissions Committee is made up of eight faculty and five students from both campuses.

Steps to Apply

This list includes each specific item that needs to be completed in order to have your application reviewed. Also check out this printable Application Checklist (pdf)  to help plan and organize your materials.

  • Prerequisite Courses

    Once you have completed most of the prerequisite courses you are ready to begin the application process. Some prerequisites can be missing or in progress at the time you apply, but all must be complete by the time you would begin the PharmD program.

  • PCAT

    The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is required to apply. Give yourself ample time to study for the PCAT, and keep in mind that the test is only offered in July, September, October, November, and January. In order to avoid late fees, register at least two months ahead of your test date.

    There is no minimum PCAT score required to apply (unless you do not meet either GPA requirement listed above). PCAT scores are valid for five years and applicants are allowed to take the PCAT up to five times. However, the Admissions Committee will review all your PCAT scores (including subscores in each section), so it’s best to take the PCAT only once with a strong score. If you are considering retaking the PCAT, only do so if you believe you will improve your scores.

    See the Admissions Statistics for averages and ranges of PCAT scores for admitted students.

  • PharmCAS Application

    The Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) is a national application to apply to most pharmacy schools in the United States. You can begin your PharmCAS application in July and must submit by the University of Minnesota deadline of February 1, 2016. It is strongly recommended that you e-submit your PharmCAS application at least six weeks before the supplemental application deadline on March 1, 2016.  Fee: $150+

    The PharmCAS application includes:

    • All official college transcripts
    • PCAT scores
    • Personal statement
    • Work & volunteer experience
    • 3 letters of recommendation
    • Demographic information
  • Supplemental Application

    Once our office receives your PharmCAS application you will be notified via email with access to submit the University of Minnesota supplemental application. This consists of a few short essays which will be reviewed along with your personal statement and all other parts of your PharmCAS application for an interview. Deadline to submit supplemental application is March 1, 2016 at 4:30pm (Central Standard Time).

    Supplemental application processing fee: $75

  • Interview & Choose Your Campus

    The interview is about 40 minutes one-on-one with a College of Pharmacy representative. Be ready to talk about why you have chosen pharmacy for a career, your knowledge of the profession, and why the University of Minnesota is a good fit for your career path. About one month after the interview you will receive the admissions decision.

    You'll also choose your campus a week after your Interview Day, so try to research and visit each campus ahead of time to decide which campus is the best fit for you.  If you have not visited either the College of Pharmacy in Duluth or the Twin Cities, request to interview on that campus!

    Interview Days are scheduled for Fridays beginning in late September and ending in late March.

  • Requirements for New Students

    Be ready to start the PharmD program even before you are admitted. Read about and prepare for the several requirements incoming students need to complete before the first day of classes.

Unique Circumstances

Whether you are an international student, are looking to transfer into the PharmD program, or are planning to re-apply, we are excited you’re interested! Please view the information below for more details on your unique situation.

  • International Students & Coursework

    We have special requirements for international applicants or those with international coursework.

    If you are an international student or have international coursework that does not appear on a US transcript, you are required to submit a course-by-course foreign transcript evaluation.  The TOEFL is also required for international applicants unless you have been a full-time student in the United States and completed at least 16 semester credits before applying to the program.

  • Transfer Students

    Applicants wishing to transfer from another college of pharmacy must apply as an entry-level applicant through PharmCAS.  Due to changes in the curriculum, the college is not able to accept transfers. 

    Transfer students must meet the minimum admissions criteria, including prerequisite course requirements, to qualify for consideration.

  • Re-Applicants

    If you are re-applying to the PharmD program, you can meet with our admissions staff to discuss some suggestions for improving your application.

    To schedule an appointment, please contact:

    Olivia Buncher, Duluth (, 218.726.6030)
    Noemi Lopez, Twin Cities (, 612.626.4896)

    You can also use your PharmCAS application from the previous year, which will include all data entered (which cannot be changed, only added to). You will still need to submit new transcripts, personal statement, and letters of recommendation.

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